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Pamela Love is an award-winning jewelry designer based in New York. Her collections are sold at many of the finest retailers including Barneys and Bergdorf, and her pieces appear regularly in Vogue and other top magazines. The company’s existing ecommerce site was performing well, but the brand’s aesthetic had evolved since the site was designed, and they were expanding into fine jewelry with much higher price points than their core collections. They needed a more refined site that could support their new products, while still communicating the richness of Pamela’s world and inspirations.

The home page anchors the new design and defines the visual language used in the rest of the site. A clean, modern header incorporates a new logo designed in-house by the Pamela Love team. Diagonal lines create diamond-shaped spaces to highlight special new pieces and promotions. A series of content previews below the fold give a taste of the world that awaits visitors inside the site."

The site is first and foremost a place where both new visitors and die-hard Pamela Love fans can shop for the widest selection of the brand’s jewelry available anywhere online or off. The shopping pages are more restrained than the rest of the site, showcasing the product images, while subtly echoing the colors and diamond shapes of the rest of the site. Robust filtering and sorting functions allow shoppers to quickly narrow their search to the pieces they want.

The product page maximizes what a shopper most wants to see: the product. Large, beautifully-photographed jewelry dominates the page, with supporting information readily available alongside. A visual glossary explains the stones and metals used in each piece, while a “You might also like” feature suggests other items that pair well with the product on display.

The most dynamic content section on the site is the Journal, which features special collaborations between Pamela Love and other artists, along with “Love Stories” - profiles of women that both inspire Pamela and who incorporate her jewelry into their unique personal aesthetic. An integrated panel features posts from the brand’s Instagram feed, filtered by a specific hashtag that allows the team to curate which of their many posts appear on this particular page.

The About section is the heart of the site, with sections that tell each of the stories most important to the brand. External inspirations and industry awards live alongside images and descriptions of the designer and her in-house studio team, who produce the bulk of the jewelry in the USA. A handful of carefully selected examples of the brand’s enormous press exposure helps round out our introduction to the Pamela Love story.

One of the most important mandates for the site redesign was to make it as easily accessible on mobile devices as it is on a desktop. Over half of the site’s traffic comes from mobile users, making the mobile shopping experience critical to the success of the site. The shopping section is carefully simplified on mobile screens, while preserving the prominence of product images and information. The goal is to provide a smooth and beautiful path from browsing to purchasing.

The site launched in August of 2015 in conjunction with the brand’s latest collection, Sueño. The launch was well received by both industry press and customers, with an immediate lift in conversions. More importantly, sales of the high end of the line showed a marked increase, as the new design made customers more comfortable buying even the highest priced items online. The site has positioned the company well for the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

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