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Jed Krascella first rose to prominence in the fashion world as a design assistant to Perry Ellis, continuing to design for the label after Ellis’ death in 1986. After a long career designing and consulting for other brands, he finally had an opportunity to create his own brand, JED. He planned to launch with a collection of sweaters made from the highest quality cashmere, incorporating intricate design details and including many hand-knit pieces.

When he approached us to help him with his launch, he had already done an extraordinary amount of research. The JED brand book had hundreds of pages of photography, original art, copy, and even detailed product designs, all for a brand that had yet to even launch. Our challenge was to sift through this treasure trove of material and distill into a clean, pure representation of his brand for the launch, saving the remainder to be revealed in future seasons as the brand grows in the marketplace.

The most urgent task was the design of the brand’s garment labeling system, since the JED team was already well into the development of their first collection. Jed was inspired by the typographic imperfections he found in vintage cashmere scarf labels and in 1950’s Lord & Taylor ads. We started with a classic typeface, and varied the placement of each letter and each line of type individually to create a slightly uncomfortable yet perfectly considered composition, creating beauty by breaking the rules.

As soon as the first sweater samples arrived from Italy, we art directed the campaign photography. The color blue anchors the entire visual language of the JED brand - Jed considers it a neutral! We kept the compositions, poses and movement very simple and natural to focus the eye on the sweaters, highlighting their striking beauty and intricate details.

The website continues the combination of color, simplicity, and detail, featuring detail images of the sweaters showing the intarsia and hand-knitting used in many of the pieces. The scale and proportions of each page were carefully considered, with detailed responsiveness rules to ensure that the site remains perfectly balanced on every possible screen size (

After a well-received launch, the brand evolved to include lighter colors and fabric weights for spring. We redesigned the labels for the lighter fabrics, while the new campaign continued the clean and minimal, but slightly undone aesthetic of the prior season.

As the brand grows and launches other product categories, we will be incorporating more of the original JED brand material, building towards Jed’s full vision of a “luxury adventure”.

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We are a design partner for new companies.

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