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The founders of Glamsquad believe that women should have access to professional glamour, whenever and wherever they choose. Inspired by the success of Uber, Glamsquad brings the convenience of app-based booking to in-home beauty services. Having your hair styled, makeup applied and nails done in the comfort of your home is a luxury that Glamsquad delivers at a price accessible to all successful women.

Glamorous but approachable, feminine, young but grown up. The visual identity of the brand had to strike the right balance for women to trust this newcomer to handle their hair. Every word in every line of copy was carefully chosen to be both lighthearted and reassuring, to convince potential users that this would be fun, easy, safe, and would leave them looking beautiful."

The app needed to be as fun and beautiful as the rest of the brand, while making it as quick and easy as possible to book and manage appointments. One of our favorite sayings is “you can’t tell someone you’re beautiful” - which in this case meant the experience had to be simple instead of just saying it’s simple.

The New York launch in January 2014 was very successful. Rapid growth led to Series A funding in October. The company also added makeup services, and expanded to Los Angeles and Miami. We supported a full range of marketing activities, from emails and gifting programs to co-branded events with partners like Uber and Ricky’s.

Over the course of the company’s first year, we noticed that the customer base was actually a bit different than what we had expected. They were a little older, more successful, and more affluent than the young professionals we originally targeted. Their definition of luxury was a little more upscale. We needed to adjust the Glamsquad visual language to feel a bit more refined in order to make these customers feel at home.

The website also needed to handle the increased complexity of the company’s offerings. It had to support multiple cities, multiple service offerings, with more expansion to come in the near future. We also needed to prepare the site to handle live appointment booking, a feature that had only been available in the app for the initial year.

The goal was evolution and not revolution. A more restrained use of color, improved readability and more generous spacing made the site feel more mature, while the typography retained its feminine flourishes. The booking process was completely redesigned to be both clearer and more elegant, while better supporting group bookings and gift certificates. We also oversaw casting, planning and retouching for a new photo shoot to create updated images for the new site.

When the company first launched, we expected mobile users to primarily use the app, with the website a secondary channel for desktop use. With mobile web use increasing, we found many users accessing the site via mobile, so the new site was more fully optimized for mobile devices. The new site went live almost exactly 12 months after the company first launched, and continues to handle a growing volume of bookings every month.

We're a design partner for ambitious new companies. We understand the essence of your brand and help you express it, through what you do, everywhere you do it. We believe your audience should get a clear and consistent feeling every time they meet you. If they do, they'll understand and remember you.

We are classically trained in design and typography, and it is our passion to pair these principles with modern interactions. The experience is intuitive, natural, but most of all memorable.

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New brands have to move fast and stay flexible, and so do we. We embrace change, we love ideas. We design, we produce, we code, and we iterate until it's right.

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We are a design partner for new companies.

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