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Branding a creative strategy firm is a particularly interesting challenge. The firm’s services are abstract and highly customized for each client. There are many competitors that claim to do similar things. And yet, there is a very strong personality and philosophy at the heart of the firm that makes it unique. When Fathom + Hatch asked us to redesign their identity and website, we knew we would need to expand our own approach to create something that was right for them.

The company’s projects are incredibly diverse - from visualizing the future of the family car for an auto manufacturer, to helping a motorcycle maker connect with local riding clubs, to planning a health brand’s expansion into massage products. Through work sessions where we discussed the approach and philosophy they brought to each project, we distilled the mix of curiosity, creativity and rigor that defined them."

Their competitors had a wide range of different visual styles, but many of them made similar claims. Innovation, bottom-line growth, strategic thinking - an extensive analysis of competitors’ website copy gave us a list of overused terms to avoid. We also segmented their competitors into personality archetypes - the corporates, the academics, the tinkerers and the fools. Fathom + Hatch had a clear idea of where they wanted to be seen on that map.

The words “fathom” and “hatch” are unusual, and the company’s name was often misunderstood by potential clients. Readability of the new logo would be critical, while still conveying the feeling of depth in “fathom”, and the excitement of creation in “hatch”. The relationship between the two words is also important - they allude to the way the company explores and frames an area of inquiry, before creating and developing opportunities for a client to engage in that area.

The final logo appears very simple at first. A closer look reveals the many pieces used to create the letterforms. Most of the nuances of the logo will only have meaning within the company, like the way the outlines in “fathom” define spaces and “hatch” solidifies them. These layers give the Fathom + Hatch team a very personal connection to the logo, while allowing first-time prospects to immediately understand their name and their personality.

We're a design partner for ambitious new companies. We understand the essence of your brand and help you express it, through what you do, everywhere you do it. We believe your audience should get a clear and consistent feeling every time they meet you. If they do, they'll understand and remember you.

We are classically trained in design and typography, and it is our passion to pair these principles with modern interactions. The experience is intuitive, natural, but most of all memorable.

We strive to create work that is

New brands have to move fast and stay flexible, and so do we. We embrace change, we love ideas. We design, we produce, we code, and we iterate until it's right.

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We are a design partner for new companies.

We create modern
interactions from classical
design foundations.

Experiences that are
simple, effortless, beautiful,
functional, memorable.

Print, digital, events,
design, production, coding,
whatever it takes.

Clients need us to be
fast and flexible with a
fluid process.

We express you, not us.